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SYRO, also known as Diogo Lopes, is a Portuguese 25 years old Pop/Alt-Pop artist, singer, author and drummer. Started playing drums at the age of 12, decided to study practical and theory music since then and later got a degree on Jazz and Modern Music studies.

He was one of the founders of the former Pop Rock band Caelum, but eventually Diogo starts feeling the need of having his own space of expression and solo identity.

SYRO has released 5 singles as an independent artist, “Deixa Passar”, “E Agora”, "Sinto-me Bem", "Perto de Mim" and "Acordar", signing afterwards with Sony Music Portugal. Although we’re talking about a newborn artist, SYRO’s music rapidly reached the top national radios, got placements on national TV series and conquered titles as “Most Wanted” artist on Portugal’s MTV channel.

His songs talk about introspective thoughts about how he sees the world we live in and how he fits in it, refusing the plasticity of modern days lyrics and always looking for the perfect mix between innovative or contemporary sounds and organic and heartfelt productions.

Syro | Casa
Syro | Perto de Mim
Syro | Deixa Passar
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