The luck sung in Portuguese.

They are called TREVO and promise contaminate the Portuguese music songs in their purest state. Simple and scathing letters with stories of all of us, where pop is fused with funk, reggae, rock and punk, are the formula of the band formed by Gonçalo Bilé, Ivo Palitos and Ricardo Pires.

"Face meu, Face meu" is the presentation single of TREVO whose debut album was released on September 16.

In music, as in everything in life, you need luck. Goncalo Bilé (voice and guitar), Ivo Palitos (drums) and Ricardo Pires (bass), had the fortune to cross their destinations and musical influences giving live to this new project called TREVO. . In December 2015, they have record their first album of originals, which production is signed by João Martins (The Weasel) and Sérgio Milhano (Aline Frazão).

Few months past, the album was finished and the reviews started to appear:
"Sometimes I feel like getting leaning against a wall, hands in my pockets, watching my life pass; sometimes I feel like gutting abandoned houses and measure the age of the dust with the index finger; sometimes I want to hear songs that speak of it. "
João Monge

"TREVO's album smells to our country everywhere. And it tastes good, mainly because here's the Portugal of our days, one and all in beautiful letters written intricately simple, sarcastic and tremendously effective. It has a handful of good songs, instant without ever falling into easy solutions, cheerful without being silly. This is popular music in the literal sense of the word, which is sorely lacking the national scene. "

"A Three Leaf Clover, but with many lines to write, is the proposal that joint Goncalo Bilé, Ivo Palitos and Ricardo Pires. Between ballads and moments charged at point blank range, they gather elements of folk, pop, funk and reggae, beyond the punk rib which allows them to do whatever they want. And with letters of those who live life with the same intensity that sings in clear language, direct, outspoken (literally!) and sometimes comes to blink to singer-songwriters, TREVO brings a good mood and energy natural to our music. Now, for their luck to be complete, only left them even being us the fourth leaf - and their music deserves it! "
João Carlos Callixto

It is in this spirit that the TREVO musicians present themselves to the public, convicted that luck may be next to their music.

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