Tiago Machado is a young pianist and composer who completed his piano studies in the ‘Conservatório de Música Nacional’ with professor Carla Seixas.


Whilst completing his classical studies, he always showed a great passion for jazz, perfecting it as a self-learner, and studying piano solos from Keith Jarret, Herbie Hancock and Michel Petrucciani, to whom one song is dedicated to.


During his piano studies, Tiago Machado created several compositions for acclaimed artists. In particular, “Ó gente da minha terra” sang by Mariza was featured in a film that won a Silver Bear in the Berlin International Film Festival. In addition, Tiago Machado has composed songs such as “Melhor de Mim”, also sang by Mariza, “O Homem do Saldanha”, sang by Carlos do Carmo and Marco Rodrigues (recently nominated to a Latin Grammy), “Alguém me ouviu” performed by the famous rapper Boss AC, amongst other widely known songs. Now, the musician starts a new adventure, his first solo project titled Soundlapse.

According to the composer, Soundlapse’s distinctive sound is “A fusion of everything I am; has the dimension of cinema, the nostalgic sentiment of fado, the technique of classical music and the frenzy of jazz”. Tiago chose the title for his first album by reminiscing on his life and consensing all his works over the years in one record. The composition that titles the record, “Soundlapse”, was made in five minutes in an opposite movement of hands “...like a return trip...”, which is comparable to the time-lapse photography technique but related to sound. The composer interprets this record as an emotional voyage where you go through several states of mind. He invites the listeners to understand how the music unfolds through each individual’s feelings.

This record is a dream come true to Tiago Machado which he hopes to be the first of many to come, always sharing his musical and emotional vision with the listeners, giving life to music.

Tiago Machado | Soundlapse
Tiago Machado | Soundlapse


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