Coming out of the last edition of Got Talent Portugal, "Sangre Ibérico" proved to be one of the most interesting musical projects that emerged in Portugal in recent times.


Heavily influenced by flamenco and fado, gather the two countries by transforming Fado and traditional Portuguese music in flamenco rumbas, as well as choose and arrange unique themes, and also in Spanish.


Served by musicians of excellence, they have one of the best genre guitarists playing in Portugal, and a single voice, a mixture of hoarseness, sensitivity, soul and timbre. "Sangre Ibérico" are, at the moment, singled out as one of the biggest revelations of Portuguese music, having signed a 3 year contract with one of the largest record labels in the world, Sony Music, and are expected to bring discographic news for soon.


"Sangre Ibérico" formed in 2014, initially only voice and guitar, André Amaro, and Alexandre Pereira, Cajon, and gave the first concert at July 5, 2014 in Vila Franca de Xira. In September 2015 they know the third element that would join the band, Paulo Maia, guitarist who sought to give the final touch to the coveted project.

The group is thus made up of three young people, aged between 21 and 26 years. André Amaro, Voice and Guitar, strangely just starts singing at age 20, and was the general surprise of those who initially heard being immediately impressed by the vocal qualities demonstrated.

Coming from Aldeia do Bispo, Sabugal, Guarda, always had intense contact with Spanish culture, which translates now in perfect Spanish, which greatly benefits their interpretations. Alexandre Pereira comes from Vila Franca de Xira, and the environment where he was born and grew up, awakened him to the flamenco music, and from a young age started to play, and demonstrate interest in the "Cajon", and at the moment is one of the most interesting performers of this instrument. Paulo Maia, the last element to reach the group, was the booster for the participation in Got Talent, having come to reveal the right decision that the group has taken, as the intentions of the group, were exactly that they can publicly, and in a huge visibility program, show their talent, which would confirm. Paulo Maia is from Setubal, and since early had contact to gypsy music, and there began his interest, either by this musical genre, or by classical guitar. Believing in his dream, moves to Barcelona to learn to play the instrument by which had fallen in love. He came back stronger, more capable and above all much better performer.

And these are, and thus formed "Sangre Ibérico", probably the best music project emerged in Portugal in recent times!

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