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Nelson Freitas
Nelson Freitas

The grandson of a generation of Cape Verdeans who departed to the Netherlands, the singer got used since early at the studio environment, next to the uncle, with whom he kept a very close proximity.


It is in 1997 that begin Quatro, the band of which Nelson was part, with a new sonority, halfway between zouk and kizomba, with influences of R&B and Hip Hop. They have relesead 3 albums over seven years with huge success in countries such as Angola, Cape Verde or Mozambique.


In 2006 he released his first solo album "Magic" which sold over 70 000 copies worldwide. It was followed by "My Life" in 2010 with singles such as "Rebound Chick", "Saia Branka" and "Nha Primere Amor". The criticism has yielded to the work of Nelson Freitas with this second album and sales surpassed 90 000 copies.

In 2013 he released his third album of originals, "Elevate", from where the great success "Bô Tem Mel" was taken. In this album he collaborated with artists and producers from different backgrounds creating an unmistakable sound. The Elevate Tour  began in Lisbon at the Coliseu dos Recreios, followed later to other countries of lusophony.

2016 was a remarkable year in the career of Nelson Freitas, having released the new album, "Four", which went directly to the top of the national sales charts reaching the 1st place of the iTunes in its first week. This album has a luxury production, with the participation of names like Mayra Andrade, Mikkel Solnado, Loony Johnson and Richie Campbell, this last one in "Break of Dawn", video that has more than 21 million views on YouTube.


"Miúda Linda" is one of the singles taken from this album and is, according to Youtube Music Charts, the most watched video in a year in Portugal with 18.8 million views. Overall, the video has added more than 33.5 million views.


Nelson Freitas continues so a single trajectory and success around his music continues to increase.

Nelson Freitas | Bolo Ku Pudim ft. Djodje, Eddy Parker & Loony Johnson
Nelson Freitas | Miúda Linda
Nelson Freitas |
Nha Baby ft. Mayra Andrade
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