MONDA is a body that beats the heart of the plain, it is the feelings and emotions that have always distinguished their singing, it is a very own heat, in which one is born, if one lives and only then can one sing.

MONDA is all that distinguishes the world outside this flavor of Alentejo (Portugal South Region), nowadays, recognized as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Spiced by guitars, keyboardS, double bass and two voices, it becomes a new, more open and diversified voice that, for simplicity, is composed within World Music and crosses any border.

With a clear approach to the new musical trends, mixing the traditional composition with new World Music sounds, the first album by the MONDA produced by Ruben Alves counts on the special participation of the fado singer Katia Guerreiro and Rui Veloso. 

Live, much more than the celebration of Cante Alentejano, MONDA becomes a genuine, luminous and exciting party that sings the roots of an entire country.

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Monda | Vai de Centro ao Centro
Monda | Lindo Ramo Verde Escuro


Carla Santos

Carla Guerreiro


Nuno Barros

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