It's called "Luz" (Light) and it's the new album by Cuca Roseta. A rapturous album that shows in full the talent and voice of the fado singer.
The "Light" of which Cuca speaks, can easily be read as an allusion to the lamp that illuminates her path, to an interior light that brings enough comfort and security to make this album a new moment of revelation, the one that most far goes in the definition of that which is her fado.


For accomplices of this incredible work Cuca chose artists and composers with whom she has shared her life and others who have always admired deeply, who now unite in wonderful songs. To unite all this art, she chose Diogo Clemente (Mariza, Carminho) for the production. "Light" takes us to another dimension. For a moment of happiness that does not feel like leaving. We could stand forever here, within this album, within these songs and let ourselves invade by the warmth of this Light that gives meaning to the days.


New Album dedicated to Amália Rodrigues this year.

Cuca Roseta | Amor de Domingo
Cuca Roseta | Balelas
Cuca Roseta | Barco Negro
live at Havana
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