Cuca Roseta is one of the most striking and recognizable voices of Fado. As fate would have it, her first album was produced by one of the most celebrated and acclaimed producers in the world - Gustavo Santaolalla - holder of several Oscars and Grammy's. The entry in the fado and music could not have been done in a better way. Cuca was coming so to assert herself and stand out in the panorama of national song. It was so successful that would be widely reported in the national and international media. Also in the same year, Cuca Roseta was the featured artist at the prestigious film by Carlos Saura - "Fados".

And how to survive a second disc as much recognition?

Cuca Roseta wanted to go further and do something different, showing more of her "other side", the composer side. Thus assumes the risk of writing most of the lyrics and music for "Raiz", a risk that was so welcome! The singer would later stand out through the interpretation of own repertoire. The risk became an affirmation and the artistic talent of Cuca Roseta would be recognized beyond their corner. With "Raiz" travels the country and the world showing her voice and art, having performed in the main national and international stages.

In May this year edits "Rîu" with another "trump card up his sleeve": the production of an album by the hand of the famous Nelson Motta, called in Brazil as the "Pope" of music. The talent of Cuca Roseta would awaken in Motta the will to return to the studio after a gap of over 10 years, which, according to him, would never admit to record again. Cuca got it. Cuca's talent would speak louder. Journalist, composer, producer, Nelson Motta produced and made careers names as Elis Regina, Marisa Monte, Djavan, Gal Costa, Daniela Mercury and many others.
In "Rîu" Cuca Roseta takes another major leap in her career, make partnerships and sings original songs of Djavan, Ivan Lins, Jorge Drexler, Jorge Palma, Sara Tavares, Pedro Jewelry and Mario Pacheco. In many of the themes of "Rîu" Cuca Roseta crosses her writing with great composers, also coming to sing a duet with Djavan.

With "Rîu" Cuca does more than 50 shows in the last three months in Portugal and in the world and receive the best reviews of the media. And her "Rîu" continues to run. Cuca Roseta is an artist who, in the best definition of the word, reveals a talent, a voice and an unusual courage. Cuca sees fado as her greatest passion and is this same passion she wants to show to the world. With Cuca Roseta, everything flows, everything is charming and seems to have more life.

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