Camané and Mário Laginha are no strangers. From the excellent understanding felt in sporadic collaborations, the inevitable deepening of this symbiosis has now arisen: “Aqui Está-se Sossegado“ is a new project designed from scratch to brighten a voice and a piano that have been found accomplices since the first time they filled a stage.


The design of the concerts that make up the “Aqui está-se sossegado“ project (a fado that integrates one of the last Camané albums) in a poem by Fernando Pessoa, will feature about two dozen themes, from the traditional fado canon, the repertoire of Camané and will also include unpublished compositions by Mário Laginha who already wrote music for a poem by Álvaro de Campos (heteronym of Fernando Pessoa) for Camané "Ai Margarida".

Camané & Mário Laginha | Com que voz

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