Barbara Bandeira is the latest revelation in national pop music and has just released the new single and video "A última carta". In a short time already reached 4,6 million views and promises to beat all records!

The song has been written by Agir and Bárbara Bandeira, with music production and music video by the renowned studio Klasszik, the new producer of the singer.


With only 16 years, Bárbara Bandeira is the latest phenomenon of social networks and pop music in Portugal! The young singer has thousands of followers and views of her videos. Barbara began to participate in 2014, in the program "the Voice Kids Portugal", where she joined the team of mentor Anselmo Ralph. Faced with the appeal of the hundreds of thousands of fans who viewed their covers on social networks and in some television programs, Barbara Bandeira decided to take the next step in her life and start up, officially in the world of music, being already the new success of National pop music.


In 2015 she released her first single, "Crazy", which won close to 600,000 views, followed by the single "És Tu", which is part of the soundtrack of a soap opera in the national television SIC, and that has surpassed the 3 million views on YouTube.


Barbara is a serious case of success that promises to surprise even more in 2018!

Bárbara Bandeira | A última carta
Bárbara Bandeira | Nem sequer doeu


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